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Episode 7: Caroline Allen

If you haven't already listened to Caroline Allen's incredible, moving, insight-packed episode, I encourage you to do so before reading any further. Caroline is a writer, speaker and book coach at Art of Storytelling and when it comes to repatriation, she really knows her stuff. If you are a repat, and had a hard time adjusting to life back home, I would go so far as to say that Caroline's episode might very well change your life. She is on a mission, along with Families in Global Transition, to make sure that repats don't struggle alone as she did. Caroline is wise and strong, pragmatic and humorous, observant and soulful. I just know you're going to love listening to her!

Relevant links from this episode:

Art of Storytelling

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Families in Global Transition (and their annual conference!)

"Repatriating? Don't talk about that" from Swiss Lark blog

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Episode Six: Adrielle Stapleton, Recovering Trailing Spouse

My guest for this episode is Adrielle Stapleton, a Relocation Consultant making her way in Lexington, Kentucky after three years in Germany. Adrielle is discovering that the life strategies that worked in Boston, her home before Germany, don't necessarily translate to Lexington despite both cities being in the US.

Adrielle and I talked about the confusing process of gaining cultural fluency wherever you may find yourself, building a professional and social network from scratch, and her “good enough” philosophy that applies to expats and repats alike. Please remember to subscribe and leave us a review!

If you would like to learn more about Adrielle, you can visit her website, Stapleton Relocation Consulting, or check out her Twitter.

Episode Five: Brooke Fox, American Repat with her Very British Husband

In this episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with Brooke Fox, a student of Environmental Science; mother navigating the Indiana school system with a high ability, gifted child; and recovering expat still amazed at the shock and adjustment of repatriation three years later. Brooke repatriated with her very British husband from London to Indianapolis, Indiana in 2015 and their adjustment was, as she says, "a rocky road" in some ways.

Brooke was so lovely to talk with because she wasn't afraid to get into the grey areas that accompany life as an expat or repat. She is fully aware of and grateful for the wonderful parts about her life in Indianapolis; yet she is aware of what's lacking and what was better in the UK. Still, she manages to be positive and embrace the present. I think you'll really love hearing her story.

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Episode Four: Mari & Glenn, From Repats to Re-Expats

This week I managed to salvage the audio I thought was going to be unusable from my long and interesting and entertaining conversation with Glenn and Mari. Glenn and Mari are a Californian couple who hit a glass ceiling in each of their expat careers and decided to repatriate temporarily in order to get further qualifications and advancement and then return to expat life. With many twists and turns and surprises, they pulled it off and achieved their goal when they moved back to Europe in late 2017.

Glenn and Mari told me about their re-entry to the US and how it felt to take the plunge and return to expat life after four years back home. Please have a listen and if you like what you hear, be sure to subscribe and leave us a review! Thanks.

Episode Three: Alison Trainer

I'm back! And I'm so excited about today's episode with Alison Trainer. Alison is an opera singer, university professor and she's also the founder of the inimitable Grumpy Expat Facebook Group. Alison decided to leave her expat life behind and return to the US in 2017. She shared all about her re-entry, her career struggles as an expat woman and mother, and we talked about what makes a happy expat. 

I hope you'll enjoy it! And if you do, don't forget to leave a review. :) Thanks for listening! 

Finally on Winter Break!

Hi everyone! This fall was so busy it nearly killed me. But winter break is right around the corner and I'm looking forward to producing more podcast episodes with my free time. I have some great interviews coming your way. First up, you're going to love hearing from Alison Trainer, founder of the Grumpy Expat Facebook Group, who repatriated and is a Grumpy Expat no more! Please be sure to subscribe to the show on iTunes so you never miss an episode. And if you're enjoying the show, don't forget to leave a review! I'm excited about sharing more Expat Repat stories with you in 2019. Thank you and talk to you soon!

This week's episode delayed.

I had a really amazing interview I was all set to share with you this week that I did with a Californian couple living in Heidelberg, Germany. They had lived abroad in Switzerland from 2010-2013 and then repatriated with the idea of making some career strides and moving back abroad afterward. Things didn't go exactly to plan, and in late 2017, they wound up in Germany with their two US-born daughters and two cats, rather than Switzerland. But in the end, it was for the best as nearly one year in, they have discovered that they prefer German life to Swiss life after all, and they're so glad things turned out the way they did.

We talked about German salaries and making finances work there compared to the US and Switzerland; about the pull to live abroad and the reality of how living abroad changes you and ruins you for your home country; and about the very real embrace of the expat community and living far away from family.

Sadly, the audio quality on the interview was unusable! I'm really disappointed because it was a great conversation that really covered a lot of information, both practical and ideological. Would you like me to redo? If this episode really appeals to you, please let me know in the comments below.

Otherwise, I'll be back next week with an interview featuring Tina Busch, a German repat who spent 5 years with her German husband and children in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

See you then. And thank you for being here!