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Episode Ten: Brynn Leavitt: Somewhat Reluctant Repat Stay-at-Home-Mom

Brynn Leavitt is a college sorority sister of mine who coincidentally wound up living abroad as well. We hadn't spoken since college, but I was so thrilled that this show actually connected us again when Brynn found the show after her return to The States following six wonderful years in Reading, England.

Brynn is a secondary teacher of Italian and French taking a sabbatical year to settle into their new life in the US and spend more time with their toddler son. As you can imagine, Brynn encountered many grand life changes all at once: moving back to the US from the UK; becoming a stay-at-home-mom; going from a denser urban space to a more suburban American neighborhood.

Brynn and I talked about the importance of remembering why you left your expat life when you decided to move home; about the tendency to keep things temporary - in big ways and in small - in case of another move; and we talked about the fact that almost all repats say they're going to move abroad again, but if we're really being honest with ourselves when we say that?

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